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ZG Giveaway

Awesome Prize Claw Game
Hey Zaful Girls! Women’ s Day 2018 is gonna be lit with us! We are planning a special online event for you guys this Women’ s Day. What do you want for Women’ s day 2018? Do you guys want shopping chances? Or big coupons? https://www.zaful.com/claw-crane-game-win-prize.html?lkid=13255802
Please keep reading the game rules:

  1. Click the “PLAY” button to win free shipping chances, big coupons and Z points.
  2. Each customs has one Free chances per day.
  3. Share to one of the followers channels to get one more FREE chance each day( get 1 chance each channel, up to 6 chances each day).
  4. Game duration: Mar. 9 00:00- Mar. 16 23:59(GMT-6).
  5. Zaful reserves the right to amend and explain the rules of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff.

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